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What Do We Believe?

We Believe:

That the unimaginable complexity of the universe did not happen by random chance!

The universe and everything in it, the seen and the unseen, was created!

Creation without a Creator is impossible!

The Creator is the one true living God!


We Believe:
Humans are not just another animal!
Humans are unique in creation in that we are both flesh and spirit!
That death is not the end of existence!
There is eternal life of the spirit after death of the flesh!

We believe:

The Bible is the word of God!
An almighty God can ensure His message is accurately copied through the ages!

The Bible has not been altered!
God can not lie!
The Bible is God's unaltered, true message to all peoples!

We believe:

God Exists!

God's Truth!
God's Truth is revealed in the Bible! 


That's what we believe and so we study God's word!

We live and worship as we find in scripture!


Looking for a personal bible study?

Email us for an in-person or for an online Bible Study click here.

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