Just One Step

As I walked down life's road one day, A mountain rose to block my way. I couldn't go around, you see, The pass was narrow—closed to me. I asked the Lord, How shall I climb? Just one step, He said, at a time.

How can I scale that awesome height? Look up, said He, you'll do all right. I took some steps and it was great, I'd go right up and celebrate! Then I looked down and slipped and fell. Get up, said He, you're doing well. So once again I started up, The road is steep and sometimes rough, But near the top, the way is smooth, And there I'll find a well-worn groove. I'll reach the top one day then stand, Survey the view that's truly grand. The Lord waits there and all my friends, My family, too—love never ends. Now I look up, and I can see The hand my Lord holds out to me. So carefully each day I climb, Just one step I take at a time.

F.L. Booth is a member of the congregation in Zion, Illinois

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